Hey everyone, I think you probably already heard about my new upcoming tweak, LivelyIcons: I posted a small video preview on Twitter a couple of days ago, and many people seemed to like it.

However, what I will be telling you in this post is not strictly related to the features of the tweak, nor I will speak about any technical detail: what I want to tell you today is how you can help other people by purchasing LivelyIcons.

In fact, I had a plan for this tweak right from the beginning: gather funding for research, in particular pediatric cancer research.

Research is important, but many people tend not to realize it until they are directly involved in such things: as Federico Viticci recently wrote on his blog:

> […] keep in mind that while obtuse governments around the world are cutting research funds to fatten their other interests, science is that thing that beams a bunch of photons into your body to kill cancer. Read that again.

As Federico says, the underestimation of research if often tied to how governments deal with this topic: especially in Italy, research is really underestimated and it’s the first field whose funds get cut off.

As a developer, I thought that this could be a good way to help people: make something and donate the incomes. And the idea I had (which eventually became LivelyIcons) was just perfect for an initiative like this.

However, to make this whole thing work, I need the help of everyone in this community: spread the word as much as you can!

If you have a jailbroken device you should give LivelyIcons a try: at the end of the day, I think it’s actually a little, funny tweak which makes your icons less boring! ;P

Below you can find some FAQs that I thought people should know. Feel free to contact me on Twitter if you have other questions and I will update this post accordingly.

Don’t panic if I won’t answer you directly, just check back this page :)

• Why do you do it?

Because I think it’s a great way to help other people and at the same time ‘give something back’ to the ones who donate: at the end of the day, you can get this new, little, fun tweak and at the same time do something good for all of us!

• How much will be donated?
  • Price point: $1.99
  • Net gain (-30%): $1.39
  • Paypal fees (-7/8%): $1.28
  • Italian taxes (-27%): $0.92 (the so-called ‘aliquota’: that sucks, I know)

So, I can officially announce that I’ll be donating $1 for every copy of LivelyIcons sold.

• Who will you be donating to?

I will donate to 2 different foundations, both focused on pediatric cancer research:

  1. Città della Speranza, an italian association based in Padova.

  2. Because of Ezra, a non profit pediatric cancer research foundation run by Kyle and Robyn Matthews

I won’t spend much time speaking about any of them, you can look up all the details on their site.

• Why did you decide to focus on pediatric cancer research?

Personal reasons: it’s probably one of the things I feel more important to me.

• Will you post a proof of the donation?

Obviously yes! The first donation will be sent 4-5 weeks after the launch of LivelyIcons, as I need the time to receive a couple of payments from SaurikIT.

Since sales will lower after the initial rush, the second donation will be sent 6-7 weeks after the first one.

(If you’re asking yourself why I will be waiting to send the donations, the reasons are two: to make things easier for me and to reduce the amount of taxes)